Binary Bootstrap WordPress Theme

Binary Bootstrap is a WordPress theme based on Twenty Thirteen (WP 3.6 default theme) and the Bootstrap 3 framework by Twitter.


  • mobile-first, responsive front-end
  • highly customisable
  • supports LESS css preprocessor
  • Grunt build script



Source Code on Github

Please note that both the Bootstrap 3 framework and this theme are still under development and therefore subject to change.


Piwiktracking WordPress Plugin

Piwiktracking is a basic plugin to facilitate adding the Piwik Javascript tracking code to any WordPress based blog.

Main Features

  • set the Piwik Base URL and the corresponding SiteID on the settings page
  • asynchronous javascript tracking (recommended to improve page loading time)
  • enable or disable download & outlink tracking
  • tracking across subdomains
  • enable / disable client side DoNotTrack detection
  • advanced settings: select user groups (identified by roles) to exclude from being tracked

Piwik is an open source online analytics tool much like Google Analytics, with the main difference
that you can host it on your own server and retain full control over your data.

Please visit the Piwik website for detailed reference on Piwik.


You can download the plugin from the plugin directory:

Download Piwiktracking v1.2


Piwiktracking Main Settings
Piwiktracking Advanced Settings

prettyPhoto Media WordPress Plugin

Lightboxes, or modal overlays, are commonly used to present large images and other media on a website. Although there are numerous plugins in the WordPress Plugin Directory that offer a similar functionality, I decided to create my own.


The lightbox script of my choice is prettyPhoto, mainly because it is visually appealing, exceedingly versatile and yet still relatively lightweight (~ 21 kb minified, ~6 kb minified & gzipped). prettyPhoto is a jQuery lightbox clone that supports a wide range of different media types including images, videos (YouTube, vimeo or the like), Flash, iframes and inline content, making it a “full blown media lightbox”.

prettyPhoto is being developed by Stephane Caron, who kindly agreed to change the licensing terms of his code to make it GPL compatible following a request by the WordPress plugin support team. As the developer states, prettyPhoto is “totally free to use (…) in all projects, even commercial ones”. For detailed information on prettyPhoto please visit the project page.

Please consider donating to the developer to support prettyPhoto.

WordPress Plugin

The prettyPhoto Media plugin offers a convenient way to add the prettyPhoto lightbox / modal overlay functionality to any WordPress post or page.

Main Features

  • includes the latest prettyPhoto v3.1.4 script (pulled from
  • fully customisable through the plugins settings page
  • configurable ‘hook’ attribute tag, support for HTML5 compliant ‘data-‘ attribute
  • option to automatically transform built-in WordPress galleries (linked to images) into prettyPhoto slideshows


You can download the latest version of the plugin from the WordPress plugin directory:

Download prettyPhoto Media v1.4


Various content types

Large Image
YouTube Video
vimeo video
iframe content