Piwiktracking WordPress Plugin

Piwiktracking is a basic plugin to facilitate adding the Piwik Javascript tracking code to any WordPress based blog.

Main Features

  • set the Piwik Base URL and the corresponding SiteID on the settings page
  • asynchronous javascript tracking (recommended to improve page loading time)
  • enable or disable download & outlink tracking
  • tracking across subdomains
  • enable / disable client side DoNotTrack detection
  • advanced settings: select user groups (identified by roles) to exclude from being tracked

Piwik is an open source online analytics tool much like Google Analytics, with the main difference
that you can host it on your own server and retain full control over your data.

Please visit the Piwik website for detailed reference on Piwik.


You can download the plugin from the plugin directory:

Download Piwiktracking v1.2


Piwiktracking Main Settings
Piwiktracking Advanced Settings

5 thoughts on “Piwiktracking WordPress Plugin”

  1. You’ve got a bug in your plugin. The HTTP case is missing.
    See piwiktracking_standard_tracking()
    “var pkBaseURL = ((‘https:’ == document.location.protocol) ? ‘https://’ HERE ) + ‘”

  2. Your plugin works really good, it’s simple, that’s why it’s so good… For people who manages many sites, the simpler the better.
    Maybe you can help me find a solution for my problem… Using your plugin or copying Piwik code to footer, either way I can’t get it to work on Chrome (All other browsers works fine). Chrome doesn’t.

  3. Sorry if this is a dumb question but from where can I find the Piwik SiteID? First I installed piwik in http://www.tobitakun.com/piwik and then I got a “JavaScript Tracking code” which is full of complicated text. I couldn’t see just the ID anywhere. Many thanks!

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